Zig CF8 240v Power Management Unit


  • Conforms to current EMC and electrical safety regulations and is CE marked
  • 240v to 12v converter for battery charging
  • 3 x 10A switched fused outlets
  • Battery condition monitor
  • Easy to install (fitting instruction enclosed)
  • Split charging facility from engine
  • Fits aperture size 190mm (W) x 125mm (H)
  • Black facia

If you plan to us this unit as part of a new installation you will also need to purchase a separate consumer unit, as unlike other brands the CF8 doesn’t come with the MCB and RCD consumer unit built in. For this reason we usually recommend the PMS3 unit as a more suitable option for self build of new installations.

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Zig are a long established company with their products fitted into a wide range of caravans and motorhomes. We sell this unit primarily as a replacement unit for those of you who’s CF8 has stopped working, and is beyond repair (this can happen for a variety of reasons). If you already have this unit in place then the replacement of it is fairly straight forward, though we would always recommend that you have it checked/fitted by a qualified technician or electrician.