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Off Grid Power Management Consultation

Here’s an equation that will prove really useful when considering what battery power and charging you’ll need in your campervan;

Volts (the strength of power supplied via your battery) times by Amps (The rate of current along your electrical wire) = Watts (The amount of power required to run an appliance)

Volts x Amps = Watts

12 Volt x 4 Amps = 48 Watts

Similarly, 48 watts/12 volts = 4 Amps

This equation will help us identify the essence of your daily power consumption, from that daily consumption calculation it’s possible to create a power fulfilment plan based on how, where and when you plan to travel. Incorporating, solar, split charge and 240v power options.

Everyone building a campervan has a budget – regardless of what that maybe. Therefore getting the most for your money is obviously important. It’s vital to remember that your power requirements are unique to you and your use of the van. Our new Free 12v Power Consultation service will allow you to save a huge amount of money while identifying the correct products that will best serve your van adventures.

    Vehicle Description

    Vehicle Use

    Day tripsWeekend breaksSummer holiday adventures less than 1 weekAutumn/Winter Adventures less than 1 weekSummer holiday adventures more than 1 weekAutumn/Winter Adventures more than 1 weekEuropean TravelsLong durations travelling (longer than 1 month)Vanlife/permanent living

    Power Usage

    Led Lighting12v Compressor fridge3 way absorption fridgeGas/diesel heating12v water pump12v water heater12v TV12v tablet12v fanOther – please specify

    Small Microwave (800 watts)



    PC (Office)

    240v TV/Satellite

    Small Coffee machine (Not recommended unless essential to needs)

    Air Conditioning (Not recommended unless essential to needs)

    Induction Hob (Not recommended unless essential to needs)


    Power tools – please specify

    Other please specify

    Your Information

    Smartgauge 12v Power Gauge (Battery Monitor)
    Victron Energy Orion Smart Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger 12/12-30A
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